Desparate Man

When my wife’s blood sugar soared to 240 — I had flashbacks of how her mother nearly died.

Do you or a loved one suffer from erratic blood sugar?

Do you want to “train” your body to efficiently use carbs for energy… so you don’t have to worry about a surprising blood sugar scare?

Do you want to eat carbs and still maintain stable blood sugar, lose weight, and develop strong, lean muscle?

How much more FREEDOM do you think you would feel… if you could spend LESS time thinking about blood sugar… and more time living your life?

If you related to any of the above, then read this letter carefully to discover a remarkable new way to help yourself and/or your loved ones:

  • Regulate your blood sugar
  • Reverse your insulin resistance
  • And achieve the body, health, and life you deserve

Hi, I’m Matt Gallant, CEO and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers.

When my wife’s blood sugar hit a dangerous level of 240 I was paralyzed with fear that we were about to live through a second blood sugar horror story…

My brain saw the future and it was terrifying.

My Mother-in-law lost both her feet to diabetes.

Blood Sugar Testing

You see, we’d lived through a blood sugar nightmare before with my mother-in-law… Doctors had to amputate both of her feet due to her blood sugar being out of control for too long.

My wife and I watched helplessly as my mother-in-law struggled to cope with restrictive diets, needles, medication, hospital visits, anxiety, fear, and severe grief.

Since she became handicapped she moved in with my wife and I, and we’d been taking care of her. However, the blood sugar complications didn’t end there...

Conventional Blood Sugar Solutions Failed My Mother-in-law

Last year, we had to call an ambulance and bring my mother-in-law to the hospital when her blood sugar level spiked to 600… even though she was taking high levels of insulin. She became so insulin resistant that it STOPPED working for her..

A couple of months later, when my wife told me her blood sugar was 240, all I could think of was what happened to my mother-in-law.

My brain raced with fear as I pictured a potentially dark future. When I thought of all the hardships my mother-in-law went through, I was terrified for the health of my wife.

  • What if my wife’s blood sugar level went out of control?
  • What if she became diabetic?
  • What if she would have to undergo amputation?

I instantly gave my wife 4 special capsules that I had been developing (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute) and 90 minutes later her blood sugar was back down to a normal range of 120.

I felt relieved and excited because I knew I had created an incredible solution that could help a lot of people.

I Just Shake My Head When I Hear Close-Minded, Short-Term Solutions Like “You Need to Stop Eating Carbs”

No, you don’t. I used to be a keto zealot who believed that “Keto is the best diet for everyone”. I still love the keto diet and I do it from time to time, but I’m eating more carbs than I have since I was a kid and I’m the leanest and most muscular I’ve been since my 20s (I’m in my mid 40s).

Your body has natural pathways designed to shuttle incoming carbs towards your muscle cells and AWAY from your fat cells. In some people, these pathways are “broken”.

So, if your blood sugar levels are high... those pathways may have been shut down. Some people develop various levels of insulin sensitivity. The pathway isn’t performing to the best of its ability, and instead is sending those incoming carbs to your FAT cells...

However, you can turn these natural pathways back ON to ensure the carbs are going to the right place in your body.

Imagine Eating Carbs, Keeping Your Blood Sugar Stable, And Having Your Body Send Glucose Energy To Your Muscles Instead of Your Fat Stores

This is 100% possible when your body’s pathway is partitioning carbs correctly toward your muscle cells.

Some people were born with this natural pathway already performing perfectly.

Others, like you and me… might need a little help.

In fact, this is why I first started investigating these pathways.

My BiOptimzers co-founder and buddy, Wade Lightheart, is one of the lucky few with a carb-efficient metabolism.

Wade even calls himself a Carbovore.

Wade can pound carbs as much as anyone I know… And yet his blood sugar is stable, his health optimal, and... He. Never. Stops.

Wade has the energy of a man half his age.

Given his body’s natural ability to delegate his carb intake to the correct cells in his body, I dare anyone to try and tell Wade carbs are bad for him.

For a lot of us, however, carbs seem as if they’re working against you.

Going Low-Carb Simply Delays Blood Sugar Swings… It Won’t Fix the Problem.

The body’s “carb utilization pathways” get weaker when people stop eating carbs. This has been shown in athletic performance research. Athletes who stopped eating carbs for a while and were fed carbs for several days before an event had WORSE performance than those that didn’t do a low carb phase. 1

Cutting Edge Bodybuilding Science Revealed The Keys To Blood Sugar Optimization

I’ve also had issues with blood sugar and insulin resistance. It’s probably due to the fact that I was raised on a steady diet of macaroni and cheese, Coca Cola, and Lucky Charms cereal (I was a big fan of Count Chocula too).

That’s why doing a ketogenic diet worked well for me. My food cravings on a carb diet would run out of control and I struggled not to overeat.

In order to create a solution that would help all of us once and for all, I had to determine why all the other “solutions” out there were failing….

I’ve been studying blood sugar for over 27 years...searching, analyzing, and testing the highest-quality, natural ingredients...

I spent the past 2 years pouring over cutting-edge blood sugar research and laboratory results to select the best-in-class formulations.

Some of the top researchers in the bodybuilding world were achieving breakthrough results when it came to improving insulin resistance and better utilizing the carbs as fuel by using some new breakthrough ingredients.

I was using this formula myself on “carb days” and experiencing amazing results: more lean muscle… less cravings… more energy… and lower blood sugar.

This is the formula I gave my wife which worked wonders.

I also started giving it to my mother-in-law. Within 3 days, her insulin resistance problems were solved.

We kept testing and improving this formula for a year and we’re now ready to share it with the world.

The goal was to create:

The Most Potent, All-Natural, Clinically-Proven Solution To Regulate Blood Sugar, Improve Weight Loss, And Fuel Muscle Growth

Not only did I look to perfect the formula for regulating blood sugar, our team found natural remedies with a unique ability to convert excess glucose into long-lasting energy.

Energy to:

  • Power the TRILLIONS of cells in your body
  • Fuel your starving muscle cells
  • Eliminate toxicity in your bloodstream
  • And revitalize your entire body from head to toe

The key is to stack Glucose disposal agents (GDAs).

GDAs are substances that aid the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream into the muscle tissue where it can be used immediately to fuel activity, or can be stored in the muscles and liver as Glycogen to provide energy when needed later.

When your body is able to partition carbs correctly throughout your body…

You open the metabolic pathways you need to burn fat, regulate glucose, and fuel your muscles with energy.

Safely and naturally.

To help me test the all-star lineup of formulations, I contacted a genius in the field.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino -- an expert in Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology and a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC).

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino
When Dr. Dom isn’t developing new metabolic-based strategies to combat everything from epilepsy to neurodegenerative diseases to cancer, he is ALSO an Associate Professor at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

And with the formula that was created...

  • Carb circulating pathways TURN ON.
  • Insulin receptors around your muscle cells light up.
  • Stack Glucose Disposal Agents so that we maximize the energy creation from carbs and minimize the fat storage.
  • And your metabolism switches from fat storage mode to fat-burning mode.
Dr. Dominic D'Agostino - Performance

I was SHOCKED by my own results using this breakthrough formula.

I feasted on carbs, went to the gym, and felt an incredible SURGE of energy coursing through my body. I lifted heavier. Lasted longer. And my muscles felt full and strong.

The formula contains the right set of natural nutrients to:

  • Convert incoming carbs into healthy, sustainable energy
  • Restore metabolic pathways
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • And fuel muscle cells

We Created and Tested Six Different Formulas To Find the One That Delivered the Best Effect With the Right Set of Natural Ingredients

Our criteria for this blood sugar breakthrough:

  • Amplify the effects of insulin so your body uses less of it.This is the actual definition of insulin sensitivity and it gives you more “bang for your insulin buck”.
  • Possess activity mimicking insulin, meaning those carb-circulating agents should activate glucose uptake independent of insulin injections.
  • Reduce inflammation. Inflammation decreases the effect on insulin sensitivity.
  • Optimize oxidation.Too much or too little reactive oxygen greatly reduces insulin sensitivity.
  • NOT BE A DRUG.This might seem like a no-brainer but it is very important to mention that while drugs are in fact absolutely vital for people who suffer from diabetes, their usage comes at a cost in the form of potentially very harmful side effects.
    A "powerful" carb-circulating agent would strictly contain natural ingredients and have no drug-like toxicity nor side effects.
  • Be effective.Yes, another absolute no-brainer here. A "powerful" carb-circulating agent should promote lean muscle gain, fat loss, and help regulate blood sugar by making real and actual changes in the level of insulin sensitivity in people who already have their nutrition and training program in check.

After YEARS of research, many MONTHS of rigorous testing, and rejecting 5 ‘good enough’ formulations…

We Found the Breakthrough Blood Sugar Solution Worthy of the Bioptimizers Logo

With over 50 years of combined experience, the aid of leading scientists in the field of body transformation, and intensive testing…

We finally found the right combination of nutrients to keep your glucose metabolism fueling your body with clean, healthy energy.

This formulation includes the ingredients I used to help my wife’s blood sugar drop from 240 to 120 in less than 1 hour back on that terrifying day.

This is the formula my mother-in-law now takes to enjoy stable blood sugar after suffering for years.

This is the formula that has helped me eliminate my own sugar and carb cravings, lose weight, make serious gains in the gym, and feel like a younger, stronger person.

Just look at the graph.

Taking Blood Sugar Breakthrough helped stabilize blood sugar levels significantly before and after meals.

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino
Taking Blood Sugar Breakthrough helped stabilize blood sugar levels significantly before and after meals.

Introducing the First Synergistic, All-Natural Formula Clinically-Proven to Regulate Blood Sugar, Keep Carbs Away from Fat Cells, And Fuel Muscle Cells For Long-Lasting Energy

You’ll feel the difference right away.
Your fat cells decompress. Your liver cells heal. And your muscles get the fuel they need to keep you strong.

By Turning On The Dormant Glycolytic Pathways in Your Body You Can Become a Carb Burning Machine

    A life like that has a lot of liberating perks:

  • FREEDOM from the highs and the lows of erratic blood sugar levels
  • FREEDOM from restrictive diets, daily carb counting, and family and friends who can’t help but police everything you eat
  • FREEDOM from painful needles, harmful medications, and scary hospital visits
  • FREEDOM from uncontrollable weight gain, rock-bottom energy, and brain fog that lasts all day and night
  • FREEDOM from untested carb partitioning formulas that fail to deliver a lean, toned body

And the best part?

Blood Sugar Breakthrough

This Has Nothing to Do With Exercising More, Restricting Your Calorie Intake, Or Increasing Your Medication

This remarkable, all-natural formula contains 10 stellar nutrients scientifically proven to transfer the carbs you eat to energy-depleted muscles in your body instead of your overflowing fat stores.

This is truly a champion line-up of blood sugar regulating nutrients.

Activate Your Dormant Blood-Sugar Regulating Systems

The Ancient Healer:

Bee Propolis (350mg)2, 3

Bee Propolis activates hundreds of powerful polyphenol antioxidants to help you fight disease and damage in the body4... and restore your glucose metabolism.

That’s why Bee Propolis has a reputation for being known as a powerful healing nutrient.

When your metabolism heals, you can...

DRIVE more glucose to your muscles (instead of your fat stores). Thanks to GLUT4 – a protein transporter found primarily in skeletal muscle.5 It’s like buying carbs a one-way ticket to your muscle cells.

Not only is Bee Propolis great at reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels…

Ancient Greeks used it to treat abscesses…

The Assyrians put it on wounds and tumors to fight infection and help the healing process…

And Ancient Egyptians used it to embalm mummies.6

In fact, Bee Propolis is so powerful… and full of untapped healing powers… scientists are still discovering new ways to use it to combat blood sugar issues.

In a recent study published in 20177, researchers divided 66 patients with type 2 diabetes into 2 groups:

  • One group received 900mg of propolis per day for 12 weeks.
  • The other a placebo.

The researchers were stunned when fasting blood glucose decreased in the group receiving propolis and increased in the control group who were taking the placebo.

In another study conducted with 62 Type II diabetic patients who were given 1500 mg of propolis per day for eight weeks, researchers found that patients receiving propolis had several notable improvements over those that received a placebo, including:

  • Fructosamine levels dropped significantly
  • Levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol dropped significantly
  • Reduced blood glucose

But that’s not all.

Researchers recently did a huge review of studies on the effects of propolis...

The researchers looked at randomized control studies reported in PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, Web of Science and the Cochrane Library. Altogether, they were able to analyze six studies involving 373 participants.

They wanted to see if bee propolis could control glycemic levels.

Across these studies, the researchers found that people taking propolis had significant reductions in their fasting plasma glucose and in their hemoglobin A1C.

That means…

  • NO MORE Headaches.
  • NO MORE excessive thirst.
  • NO MORE trouble with concentration.
  • NO MORE fatigue.
  • NO MORE excess weight.
  • NO MORE painful nerve damage.
  • NO MORE damage to organs that include the skin, kidneys, and eyes.
  • NO MORE cuts and sores that are slow to heal and prone to infection.

Shield Your Bloodstream From Excess Sugar

The Metabolic Enhancer:

Glycostat® Bitter Melon (200mg)8

Glycostat® is purified bitter melon far more superior than your standard bitter melon extracts. It acts like insulin to help bring glucose into the cells for energy.9

Here’s how Glycostat helps lower your body’s blood sugar….

  • Helps your cells utilize glucose and move it to your liver, muscles, and fat
  • Helps your body retain nutrients by blocking their conversion to glucose that ends up in your bloodstream.10
  • Reduces fructosamine levels with type 2 diabetes participants.11

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity

The Blood Glucose Optimizer:

GlucoVantage Berberine (100mg)12

GlucoVantage® enhances insulin sensitivity in your body and STOPS fat cell growth dead in its tracks. That’s a smarter way to support a healthy blood glucose level and insulin level over the long-term.

Plus - GlucoVantage® is the first commercially available brand of Dihydroberberine (DHB).

That’s a big deal because DHB is a natural metabolite in the human body and has higher bioavailability.. That means… you feel the effects faster. That’s because your gut won’t work as hard to convert DHB in your body.

If you’ve been told to take Berberine to help your blood sugar...

DHB is 5X more effective than berberine. With better intestinal absorption than berberine in animals. It has been shown to:

  • Improve insulin sensitivity effectively via AMPK activation
  • Support a healthy blood glucose level and insulin level
  • Support improved body composition and nutrient partitioning
  • Support anti-aging by reducing glycation (Advanced Glycation End-products) correlated with aging

This is why Berberine has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for decades.

Safeguard Your Entire Body From Nasty Toxins

The Toxin Cleaner:

Cinnulin PF (100mg)13

Cinnulin PF is a proprietary water soluble extract of Cinnamomum burmannii. The proprietary extraction process helps filter out toxins found in whole cinnamon.

If you’ve ever been told to WATCH OUT for Metabolic Syndrome… Here's why you could absolutely benefit from taking Cinnulin PF...

  • Significant Decrease in Fasting Blood Sugar. In a recent study14, 83% of those given the active Type A Polymers experienced a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar (about an 8% drop), compared to only 33% in the placebo group.
  • Lowers Body Fat While Enhancing Lean Body Mass. Moreover, subjects additionally showed statistically lower body fat, enhanced lean body mass,
  • Lower systolic blood pressure and may improve various antioxidant measures.
  • 20X Glucose Metabolism. In one particular study15, polyphenolic polymers increased glucose metabolism roughly 20-fold in vitro. In another study18, demonstrated these polymers were effective mimetics of insulin in vitro. In animals, the doubly linked Type-A Polymers appear to have supporting effects on reducing blood pressure.
  • Supports Glucose Transport. In humans, Cinnulin PF also appears to support glucose transport mechanisms by enhancing the insulin signaling pathways. Cinnulin PF also helps metabolic syndrome factors by supporting healthy glucose levels, body composition and blood pressure in healthy individuals.
  • Repairs Lean Tissue. In yet another human study Cinnulin PF showed significant enhancements in some of the regulatory markers related to lean tissue enhancement.16

Protect Yourself Against The Dangerous Spikes and Lows of Blood Sugar

The Glucose Regulator:

Chromium (400mcg)

Chromium is an essential mineral that has been clinically shown to lower blood sugar and insulin while improving the body’s response to insulin.17

It serves several important functions in the body...18

  • Helps the hormone insulin perform its actions in the body19, 20
  • Can improve blood sugar for those with diabetes21, 22
  • Those with higher blood sugar and lower insulin sensitivity may respond better to chromium supplements.23, 24
  • The likelihood of having diabetes was 27% lower in those who took dietary supplements containing chromium.28
  • Supports Glucose Transport. In humans, Cinnulin PF also appears to support glucose transport mechanisms by enhancing the insulin signaling pathways. Cinnulin PF also helps metabolic syndrome factors by supporting healthy glucose levels, body composition and blood pressure in healthy individuals.
  • Repairs Lean Tissue. In yet another human study Cinnulin PF showed significant enhancements in some of the regulatory markers related to lean tissue enhancement.25

Slim Down and Achieve The Body You Desire

The Fat Releaser:

InnoSlim26 (75mg)

InnoSlim® goes to work for you inside the body to nourish the cells with abundant nutrients to foster a healthy metabolic environment. And most of all to rid of that unwanted fat.

With InnoSlim®, you are getting a world-class nutraceutical that addresses the root causes and challenges behind unwanted weight…

InnoSlim® is stimulant-free and 100% plant-based. It has been proven to:

  • Support healthy weight and glucose metabolism
  • Decrease glucose absorption in the intestine
  • Reduce an important glucose transporter called SGLT1
  • Increase glucose absorption in muscles and fat cells by increasing glucose transport protein GLUT4
  • Reduce disposal blood glucose and fat build-up in your body, which means a generally healthier state of being.*
  • May reduce fat because an important interaction is taking place within the body called ACC activation. Which is being mediated by the Adiponectin-AMPK pathway
  • Deliver Metabolic Wellness: more energy, healthy cellular functions, and better quality of life.

Activate Your Body’s Natural “Energy Generating” Pathway

The Energy Enhancer:

Benfotiamine27 (75mg)

Benfotiamine activates the enzyme transketolase, a necessary part of the pentose phosphate pathway that turns sugars into sources of energy instead of harmful advanced glycation end-products (AGEs)28, 29, 30

Clinical studies have shown that Benfotiamine:

  • Changes the production of specific enzymes (Nos3 31, PKB/Akt 32) to increase cell regeneration and reduce cell death33, 34, 35, 36
  • Alters how energy is used in cells to enhance healthy growth and suppress cancer development 37, 38, 39
  • Decreases inflammation in brain cells and white blood cells40, 41, 42
  • Inhibits the GSK3b23 gene, which improves brain health44, 45
  • Inhibits the NOX446 gene, which improves the breakdown of sugar in muscles47.

Send Carbs to Your Muscle Cells Instead of Fat Stores

The Cell Protector:

ALA48 (50mg)

ALA amplifies cell signalling that leads to muscle growth, insulin sensitivity and glycogen storage. It possesses a synergistic effect on glucose uptake in muscle cells by activating the GLUT4 protein via multiple pathways including AMPK, PI3K/Akt, and by another PI3K/Akt independent pathway.

ALA is a very potent antioxidant because of its ability to neutralize hydroxyl radicals and singlet oxygen; two of the absolute most destructive free radicals. This is important for an optimal level of insulin sensitivity as well as muscle growth.

Alpha Lipoic of ALA occurs naturally in small amounts in muscle meats-- heart, kidney, and liver-- but is found in some fruits and vegetables as well. However, ALA needs to be supplemented in order to obtain it’s positive effects:

  • Aids in regenerating other endogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress while optimizing reactive oxygen production for a maximized insulin sensitivity
  • Increases intracellular (inside the cell) L-Glutathione (the most powerful antioxidant in the body) levels, making it a really potent liver detox agent as well
  • Has a powerful effect on inflammation which also contributes to its insulin-sensitizing effects
  • It is responsible for the activation of multiple pathways downstream of the insulin receptor including Erk/MAPK, which goes on to activate genes related to muscle-growth

Improve Blood Sugar Markers

The Sugar Destroyer:

Gymnema Sylvestre49 (25mg)

Gymnema sylvestre (which means “sugar destroyer” in latin) is a plant found in the central and southern parts of India, tropical Africa, and tropical Australia. The active chemical in here is gymnemic acid, which is actually a mixture of 12 naturally occurring saponins.

Gymestre Sylvestre has a potent effect on insulin sensitivity and Carb disposal, affecting a number of different aspects of insulin signalling…. 50

  • Decreases the uptake of glucose from the small intestine… and increases peripheral insulin sensitivity.
  • Causes significant improvements in glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis in liver and muscle tissue. This means that more glycogen gets transported into the muscles after ingesting carbohydrates, which results in muscle that both looks and feels harder as well as less body fat gain.
  • Helps regenerate damaged pancreatic beta cells, which is most probably related to its anti-inflammatory properties. Pancreatic beta cells are the only site of insulin production in the body. It is always a good idea to take care of these cells no matter who you are.

In a controlled study by Himalaya Healthcare Company, a group of scientists gave an extract of leaves of gymnema sylvestre to patients with blood sugar problems who were also on insulin therapy.

The results were so amazing–they were printed in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology51. With the help of gymnema sylvestre, patients in a study:

  • Required LESS insulin
  • Regulated blood sugar control
  • Improved blood sugar control

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Balance Day and Night

The Blood Sugar Stabilizer:

Banaba Leaf

This Far East discovery helps inhibit uptake of carbohydrates and aid in their deposition into cells from the bloodstream, reducing blood sugar.

Scientists discovered banaba leaf extract contains high concentrations of corosolic acid. This amazing nutrient is like your body’s sugar traffic cop. It has shown promising results in human studies on type two diabetics...52

  • Helps regulate blood highs and lows of blood sugar by transporting glucose from your bloodstream to your cells
  • glucose from your bloodstream to your cells Keeps your sugar moving out of your bloodstream and into your cells
  • Helps you maintain healthy sugar balance day and night

People Can Trust Blood Sugar Breakthrough Because It Only Has Natural Ingredients Backed By Real Science

I’ve never been prouder in my life than I am today…

I’m highly impressed by our entire team at BiOptimizers for what we managed to do.

Never before has a Blood Sugar supplement existed with such a stellar line-up of science-backed nutrients.

This blood sugar solution blends the latest cutting-edge science in one pill, making it possible to target multiple blood sugar bio-pathways at once.

I’m so proud to be telling the public about Blood Sugar Breakthrough for the very first time.

Not only did I manage to help my wife, my mother-in-law, and friends close to me who suffer from erratic blood sugar levels and diabetes...

We also worked with Top Scientists to test 6 different formulas before optimizing the right one.

We reasoned that if we could provide your body insulin-assisting nutrients that work synergistically with your body, you’d be able to transfer more glucose OUT of your bloodstream and fat cells to be used instead for muscle building, recovery, and performance.

Our exclusive formulation helps keep your blood sugar stable, giving insulin a break after a carb meal.

It’s truly the ultimate glucose optimization solution.

We signed some heavy legal contracts to prevent ANYONE from stealing this formula (because we know other supplement companies are going to try everything in their power to steal it once they hear how well it works).

Thanks to this formula, my family can finally relax again.

After years of anxiety, sleepless nights, terrifying episodes, and feeling like a prisoner to erratic blood sugar...

My wife is healthy, happy, and feeling great.

My mother-in-law is absolutely radiant.

I personally felt a jolt of energy that I haven't felt since I was a young kid.

I’ve made the best gains at the gym in years.

With ZERO adverse effects.

No energy crashes...

No weird feelings...

Just PURE, CLEAN energy.

We Got Our Freedom Back

My wife and mother-in-law escaped the clutches of erratic blood sugar.

No more highs and lows.

They feel healthier, stronger, and happier.

I want YOU to experience the same freedom in your life.

If you’re saying…

YES I Will:

  • Optimize My Glucose Metabolism
  • Reduce Toxic Sugar In My Fat Cells, Liver Cells, and Bloodstream
  • Shuttle Glucose Energy to Muscle Cells
  • Burn More Fat and Build More Muscle
  • Fuel My Entire Body With Long-Lasting Cellular Energy

YES I Want To

  • Regulate My Blood Sugar
  • Burn Excess Fat
  • Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles
  • And Experience Optimal Health

Six Bottles

Blood Sugar Breakthrough

$49 / bottle

($299 TOTAL)

Retail Price: $474 + FREE SHIPPING

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

One Bottle

Blood Sugar Breakthrough

$69 / bottle

($69 TOTAL)

Retail Price: $79  

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Three Bottles

Blood Sugar Breakthrough

$59 / bottle

($177 TOTAL)

Retail Price: $237 + FREE SHIPPING (US & CA)

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 365 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

I strongly feel you shouldn’t pay for supplements that don’t work…

I want to take away all the risk ad doubt you might be feeling right now.

If you don’t regulate your blood sugar, lose weight, or make massive muscle gains and feel like your glucose metabolism just got a reboot from Blood Sugar Breakthrough…

If after opening your first bottle you're not completely satisfied, just send back the remaining unopened bottles and I'll give you 100% of your money back. (If you open a second bottle, you no longer qualify for any guarantee).

Absolutely no questions asked, no loopholes, and no hassles.

Essentially, you don’t have to decide now.

Get Blood Sugar Breakthrough Now, try them for 365 days… You can make your risk-free decision after experiencing the power of Blood Sugar Breakthrough.

You’re standing at a crossroads and you’re facing 2 choices:

Option 1: Continue eating little to no carbs without Blood Sugar Breakthrough, and risk erratic blood sugar levels… keeping muscle gains slower than a drunk turtle... While allowing the build-up of toxic glucose to flood your bloodstream, rot your organs, and rob you of your physical, mental, and emotional health.


Option 2: Get Blood Sugar Breakthrough, improve insulin sensitivity, and dramatically boost carb circulation throughout your body… making it easier to put on muscle, unlock your fat stores, and regulate blood sugar.

It’s all available via this risk-free test-drive — because you’re protected by our 365-day money-back guarantee...

Frankly, I Think This Is The Easiest Decision Ever...

I created this blood sugar formula to help my loved ones.

  • If you or your loved ones want FREEDOM from erratic blood sugar...
  • If you want to optimize your carb intake, lose weight, and build strong, lean muscle...
  • If you want to feel in control of your body, your health, and your life...

Then investing in one of these three bundle options of Blood Sugar Breakthrough is the surest way to get there.

Matt Gallant


Matt Gallant CEO, BiOptimizers














[14] Ziegenfuss, et al 2007

[15] Jarvill-Taylor, Anderson, Graves, et al 2001

[16] Willouhby DW, in press